The Inspiration Behind I Am Dad 365

I am selflessly devoted to my child, as any father should be. I have never loved anyone as much as I love her. I am her provider, teacher, protector, and at times assigned to the role of student, learning some undiscovered things about myself as I watch her maturate into a form that is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen.

I have become vigilant in pursuit of her happiness. I am a fierce and doting father, formulating, depositing and cultivating the right mix of what is good that will assure me her eventual emancipation will not create sleepless nights for me.

What I have become to some is a proud father. To others a strong parent. But to the most precious jewel that I will ever cherish, my daughter, I am simply #DAD!

I am proud to launch a line of causal wear that affirms the role so many men responsibly assume without fanfare, accolades or celebratory pronouncements. To be fair most dads do not want credit for doing what they are obligated to do. So, I want to make the statement for them. I am bringing to print a line of tee-shirts, and soon to follow complementing accessories, that will underscore the role of being a proud DAD.

I look forward to your support in my effort to bring awareness to the unsung hero in the lives of our children.

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